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With the goal of helping you regain control of your life, ONLINE DOCS brings you several support services that help you keep track of your mental health in your busy lives. Our impeccable services enable us to spark a change in healthcare paradigms by enabling virtual face-to-face consultations with globally renowned mental health experts from the US and India.

Our aim is to make professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient for people all around the globe, so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help anytime and anywhere.

Online Docs offers access to licensed, trained, and experience mental health experts to get on board with us and open a gateway to care, allowing you to tap into our world of healing with the best help possible.

Come experience a world of cure and care with a network of helping hands who can provide support with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. With the experts at Online Docs, you get the same professionalism and quality you would expect from an in-office visit to a therapist but add the ability to communicate when and however you want.


“online docs” has brought new hope in the lives of the people dealing with health issues. It is a platform where you can find the best second opinion of the top doctors from the USA, California.


MD – Emergency Medicine, ECFMG Cert. USA, Ex Senior Resident, SGPGIMS, Lucknow



In today’s life of chasing dreams, we forget to reclaim our inner harmony. At ONLINE DOCS, we ensure to bring back that forgotten harmony within you, with peace and fulfillment, to a stable mind. We are here to provide you with all the guidance and healing you need for your inner self and mind. Whether it’s about breaking mental stigma or offering soothing therapies to tackle those burdens inside you, our services cover them all. Our expert hands help you reach better health, as our sole aim is to help you say goodbye to any kind of darkness that lurks inside your head and establish a delightful environment for you and your loved ones. We’re currently curing patients from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many more. So, come and experience a world of mental health services and benefits ranging from the second opinion to health therapies.


  • In its relentless pursuit for excellence, ONLINE DOCS is institutionalising its knowledge base. We collaborate with the myriad experts of the field. There is a healthy exchange of ideas and documentation of research papers. The centre of excellence is a platform for Indian and International doctors to come together and work towards creating a paradigm shift in India's health care system.
  • Patient gets professional, independent and expert second opinion with Global university level faculties such as Cleveland Clinic, Standford , SGPGIMS etc.
  • There is an advisory and a governing board that democratically elects its presiding faculty. We meet, exchange ideas, put systems and plan how the future of healthcare should be envisaged in our great country.


We are professionals driven by a mission to achieve a better and happier life for as many people as possible. We want to expand our helping hand to the farthest it can go- reaching every individual in need around the globe.


To connect you with a team of professional, versatile, trained, and Certified Psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health experts. We provide you with intense emotional and mental support throughout the healing journey. We strongly believe

that there must be a platform for individuals where they exchange and communicate in a non-judgemental environment and explore their deepest emotional needs.

Our motive is to create a safe space for our clients to gain insights into the problems and take a deep dive into their mental state, creating a scope of improvement through reflection. In this way, we make professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient- so anyone struggling with life's challenges can get help whenever they need it.

We accepted the way you are and helped to develop a better understanding of yourself, your problems, and your approach to life. We envision delivering a comfortable environment for the clients to overcome, connect and heal. We connect you with trained and certified experts who provide you with unconditional support and guidance to help you become


capable of creating a safe mental space. The whole idea of AHM is to empower individuals through rationalizing thoughts & feelings and radiate relief and happiness.

Get help anytime and anywhere with the help of scheduled appointments with the best doctors from all around the world.


It is a place where you achieve your happiness, as we’re here to guide you towards your wellbeing. We help you leave behind all those clouds of mental stigma and create an atmosphere that allows only a healthy mind. Our professional consultation thrives on making you achieve your best mental state. We’re here to help you overcome your problems, whether it’s about depression or PTSD, ensuring you a second opinion to enable you with great health. Online Docs is a platform through which you could gain inner harmony as we provide the healing you are looking for. Sensing and understanding your health state, we bring forth the best in you by offering you expert advice from our doctors in the U.S. It is our belief to attain a healthy and happy environment.

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